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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Soldier’s Wedding at Newcastle Country Club

Svore-Broemmel Wedding, Newcastle Country Club, Washington, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches, by Sam Day
I’ve done several wedding paintings at this venue, a tournament-caliber golf course and county club. Perched on a hilltop roughly a thousand feet above Puget Sound, the clubhouse has peerless views of Seattle, Lake Washington, Bellevue, and other suburbs. It’s a grand view, even on a windy, rainy winter night. The lights of the cities below glitter through the storm clouds as they rise up the hills.
Detail, Svore-Broemmel Wedding Painting by Sam Day
The lap of the 44,000 square foot clubhouse is called Prestwick Terrace, which is, of course, a terrace designed to showcase this magnificent view. And on that terrace is a capacious and permanent event tent, graciously pumped full of heat for this holiday fête.
 The décor was decidedly winter, with a towering Christmas tree and white lights.

The groom was a graduate of West Point, and a decorated Army Ranger. He wore his dress blues, and cut the cake with his saber. Although I pride myself on painting couples from life, this time I took a picture—a close up— of the decorations his chest, so I could represent them correctly. His equally accomplished bride had one request— the addition of her West Highland Terrier, who was not present. It was a small thing to ask, and a thing I’ve done before.
Other figures appear cryptic, but recognizable, and individuals were delighted to find that they had “made [it into] the painting.”