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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Laina and Mo at the Fremont Foundry, Seattle

Laina and Mo at The Fremont Foundry, oil on canvas by Sam Day

Event venues can be made from anything these days. The Fremont Foundry is a magnificent space that preserves an old industrial metal works, including a fully functioning gantry crane (not pictured). It mostly just lifts a massive chandelier, but it’s there if you need to lift something really heavy.  That’s in the atrium, of course, where dinner was served. The setting for my painting was the penthouse. The ceremony was outside on one of the expansive roof decks, as were cocktails, during which guests flowed in and out of the penthouse. After dinner downstairs, they came back up to the penthouse for dancing.
My painting depicts both ends of the evening. On the left, through a window, we see the ceremony, with the wedding party lined up against the skyline. It’s a small, loose rendering; a detail in the background. On the right, through another window, we see the guests at cocktails. Through higher windows, we see the changing light at dusk. And in the center of the dance floor, the couple poses with their mothers. 
The couple and their mothers

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