Live Event Paintings

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Ron and Bruce, Hilton Garden Inn, Issaquah, Washington

This was one of those weddings where the couple has been together for thirty years before tying the knot. As more than one person said in more than one toast, “It’s about time.”
It was also one of those weddings where I was asked to paint the ceremony— I usually do the reception— and it only lasted fifteen minutes. The solution to this seemingly difficult task, of course, is easy. I arrived early enough to paint the room and backdrop before the ceremony, and was therefore able to focus on just the couple during those crucial few minutes that they faced each other in front of the judge. Then the chapel seating was pulled away and the tables were pulled out, and I had a few leisurely hours to paint the assembly at dinner.
One of the grooms’ nieces was there early as well, and she stood at my left elbow every minute she was allowed. Other nieces can be seen across the room, doing what teenagers do at weddings these days: texting each other.
It was an intimate family wedding, and I hope I’ve painted it in an intimate, family way.