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Thursday, March 13, 2014

MV Saskonia

This is the season for wedding shows, venue open houses, and tastings.

 This painting was done at a tasting on the MV Saskonia, a retired Washington State Ferry. The vessel once made daily crossings at the Tacoma Narrows, where Galloping Girdie fell, and between Tacoma and Vashon Island. She served from 1930 to 1967. She has now been converted to a charming event venue, and decorated with furniture from a 16th century castle. Her berth on the north end of Lake Union affords a marvelous view of the lake and Seattle skyline. The Space Needle makes a cameo in the painting, seen through the closed overhead sectional door that opens to the deck.
I love old wooden boats, so I was thrilled by every feature of this grand dame. But one of my favorite favorites was the nearly black lacquered floor.

Equal to the richness of this setting are the offerings of the catering and baking companies, shared by the Saskonia’s sister venue, the Lake Union CafĂ©, which overlooks the lake just  a few hundred feet across the water.