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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Painting An Idaho Wedding

Hayvez-Loseth Wedding, Lewiston Idaho, 2016. 24 x 36 inches.
The Lewiston-Clarkston valley
Usually when I travel to paint live at a wedding, it’s someplace that fits the stereotype of glamour— The Hamptons, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, et cetera. But this trip was to one of my favorite places in the American West: Lewiston,Idaho. When Lewis and Clark first came over the Continental Divide and down Lolo Pass, they met the Snake River here at it’s confluence with the Clearwater; they then traveled the Snake to the Columbia and the Pacific Ocean.
Detail: the Couple
 I grew up about 35 miles north by northwest from here, so it was like going home. (In fact, I did go home, too). Every summer of my childhood, every weekend, we drove down the old Lewiston Grade (now called the Spiral Highway) to this beautiful valley, and then up the Snake River to Buffalo Eddy, in Hell’s Canyon, to swim and canoe.
This bride and groom were friends of friends from my home town, so I gave them my hometown discount.
It was a delight to talk, as I painted, to an eleven year old girl about her 4-H project, raising a pig. It was amusing to be outbearded by several men in the room. And the food was the best home style cooking you’ll never find in some chef-catered ballroom on the coasts.
And although it was the second of January, I even found time to swim in the river.

Detail: An essential component of every painting: Extended Family.