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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SanMar Corp 45th Anniversary Celebration

SanMar Corporation 45th Anniversary Celebration. Oil on canvas, 36x40 inches.
I’m quite comfortable painting on a stage, in front of 1300 dinner guests. It is a bit of a challenge, however, to make those 1300 people the subject of the painting! Moreover, they’re in a darkened room, and I have a spotlight in my eyes! Well, I would have, except for the expertise and cooperation of the lighting crew at Meydenbauer Center, the ample convention center in Bellevue, Washington.
SanMarCorporation is a diverse sportswear and active wear company that has sold over two billion articles of clothing. Still family owned, the company was founded by a really nice guy, who’s 60th birthday party I painted a few years back. At that party, easels were set up for the grandchildren to paint me, while I was painting them. One of those grandchildren joined me on the stage at this event, and contributed a few brush strokes to this painting. I depicted her in the lower right.
The aerialists in the distance were there for quite a while before dinner. But the ones climbing the bright streaming fabrics on either side of the hall only performed for five or six minutes.

SanMar Corp 45th Anniversary Celebration, detail

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