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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Nigerian-German-American Wedding

The Jaiyeola-Von Der Linden Wedding, 24 x 30 inches, oil on canvas
Q: What do you get when a Nigerian-American Disney artist marries a German astrophysicist in Seattle? A: A ceremony and reception full of very, very different and interesting people, from everywhere imaginable.
Since I love painting people, this was a smorgasbord for me. I would have loved to paint individual portraits of so many of these guests.  But these wedding paintings are quick (usually about five hour) overviews of celebratory moments. The most detailed faces are the bride and groom, of course, and their time with me is short, as their attention is in demand throughout the event. I sketched their outlines as they made their rounds from table to table, greeting the guests. I added their faces later, when they had a moment to sand by my easel.
Detail of the couple
 In this case, one of my favorite details was of both the father of the bride and the father of the groom. Although they stood separately to give their toasts, they appear together in the painting. For this reason I often say that my event paintings are a time lapse of the party.

The couple's fathers

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